Where a property is really vulnerable it is some times necessary to protect windows and doors by fitting physical deterrents which will seriously increase the time it will take to force an entry into the property.  We use a wide range of these products, all of which whilst not ideal in the home, do certainly provide what is probably the best form of home security possible.

Well-made fold-away security gates and grilles fitted to the inside of the windows can become an asset and a selling point in more prestigeous homes.  They are clearly visible when travelling to the more affluent parts of the World and can often be seen in the very exclusive villas in places like Cannes, Monte Carlo, Geneva, Rome, and Venice.

Domestic quality shutters – not to be mistaken for the “Beirut” type steel shutters fitted to shop windows in rundown towns and cities throughout the UK – also have their place.  Beautifully made and finished in a wide range of colours, they can enhance a property, whilst protecting against breaking and entering, vandalism, small explosions, solar heat gain, and UV damage to furniture and carpets.  Domestic shutters can be fitted on the inside or outside of windows, and can be manually or electonically operated.  Domestic shutters can be made so that those inside the property can see out without their presence being compromised.

Domestic quality window bars are again beautifully made and finished.  They can be fitted inside a window (or windows) where security is required virtually around the clock, but where loss of daylight would be an unacceptable compromise.